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Trapper Jack Speaks
“Trapper Showed Us How to See"
Trapper, a blind man, showed us how to see. The emphasis on the, ‘is now,’ (as it was in the beginning, IS NOW, and ever shall be), was impactful on me and my parish. The eternal God is still doing the same wonders in our midst, as we read about in the Bible. I have asked Trapper to come back.
Fr. Scott Goodfellow
Pastor, St. Mary’s, Chardon, Ohio
“Church is a Living Breathing Thing”
I was a periodic mass goer who is now going every Sunday. You have made me realize that the Church is a living breathing thing! You had me up 'till 2 AM the next two nights, researching everything you said!
Sarah, age 29
Holy Angels parishioner, Bainbridge, OH
“Powerful talk on the Eucharist"
One of the most powerful talks on the Eucharist that I've heard in many years!
Fr. Justin Dyrwal
Pastor, Church of the Assumption, Cleveland, OH
“Trapper Jack’s was the best!”
In all my 39 years of being a priest, in listening to mission talks, Trapper Jack’s was the best, ever. I loved every minute of it.
Rev. David Durkee
Pastor, Queen of Heaven Parish, Green, OH
“You have a deeper sight than most people who see.”
I know that you are reaching many souls through the inspiration, the enthusiasm, and the faith you convey.
Rev. Dan Schlegel
Secretary and Vicar to the Clergy, Diocese of Cleveland
“We are bringing Trapper back!”
I have already shared with others the beauty of this night. The testimony was superb, especially the stories of the Eucharist!
Rev. Kevin Shemuga
Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Macedonia, OH
The hour flew by, and many parishioners wondered when we would have Trapper Jack back for an encore. I only heard positive comments about the talk from my parishioners. And believe me, if they don’t like something, I really do hear about it! Trapper’s presentation, “Mary, His Messenger,” was the perfect topic to jumpstart our year-long Centennial Celebration.
Rev. Joseph Seebauer
Pastor, Saint Mary/Our Lady of Hope, Bedford, OH
“I used Trapper’s message in my homily.”
Well done! Very practical and down-to-earth in showing us how to connect the dots in our relationship with God. I was able to use Trapper’s message in my next morning homily.
Rev. Tim Gareau
Pastor, St. Colette Catholic Church, Brunswick, OH
“His blindness strengthens his faith.”
Trapper’s developing blindness was accepted as a gift from God because it strengthened his faith and opened up for him the opportunity to share his gift with the people of God. I encourage him to share his faith story and pray that many doors will be opened for him to evangelize the hearers.
Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, O.S.B.
Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Cleveland
“A gentleman shared that he was planning to return to the church after hearing Trapper.”
The folks stood up at the end of the presentation and gave a standing ovation. A gentleman shared with me that he was planning to return to the church after hearing Trapper Jack.
Rev. Richard Burchell
Former Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, Solon
“I was blown away!”
I was thinking, ‘What could Trapper possibly talk about for an hour that would help us on our faith journey?’ I was blown away. What a privilege to hear Trapper!
Laurie Eppele
St. Joseph Church, Strongsville, OH
“Our parish loved him.”
Trapper is terrific. Call him! I am very happy that we brought him into Guardian Angels Church. Our parish loved him. He’s got great stories.
Rev. James Kramer
Former Pastor, Guardian Angels Church, Copley, OH
“They were eager for more stories.”
More than two months later, we continue to hear good feedback. People seemed reluctant to burst the bubble and leave that night after he spoke! They were eager for more stories, and more of his warmth and humor. It was sweet that he stayed for almost an hour longer to speak with everyone who wanted a moment with him.
Jennifer Webb
Director of Ministry & Communication, St. Francis Xavier Church, Medina, OH
“Message was spot on”
I have only heard compliments from anyone who was there. It was a wonderful night & everyone appreciated it. People were thanking me for bringing him in. I think that Trapper’s message was spot on.
Fr. John Pfifer
Pastor, St. Vincent DePaul/St. Patrick Church, Cleveland, OH
“Inspired by your openness.”
We feel blessed, honored, and inspired by your openness, not only in sharing your personal life, but your amazing faith journey. There is always an open invitation any time for you to return to Holy Family Parish and speak, especially to our women’s ministry ladies.
Carolyn Freitag
Women's Ministry President, Holy Family Parish, Parma, OH
“Thank you for helping us see.”
What a thrill to have you in our church today, sharing your faith with us, witnessing to what God has done in your life. What God has done for you, He is doing for all of us, it’s just that you see it better than we do. Thank you for helping us to realize that we have to open our eyes to see what the Lord is doing for us.
Rev. Jim Schmitz
Pastor, St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, Cleveland, OH
I wish we would have videotaped your talk about the Holy Eucharist. It was so inspirational! You were AWESOME! You should consider going on an inspirational talk tour.
Barbara Knox
Teacher, St. Bernadette Parish, Westlake, OH
“Best speaker in quite awhile!”
“He needs to come back again.” “Great speaker!” “It was obvious that he even touched the hearts of the staff.”
Members Feedback
Legatus, Cleveland, Ohio
“I think you inspired everybody there.”
I looked around and I looked at the priest, and everybody had such rapt attention on you.
Laura Stewart
Parishioner, St. Rita Catholic Church, Solon
“I wish that we all spoke about the things you do.”
My daughter who will be confirmed in May enjoyed your talk, and she wishes, as do I, that we all spoke about the things you do more often at church because it is truly inspirational. It has definitely reignited my faith and helped me see things in a new light.
Samantha Paul
St. Joseph Church, Strongsville, OH
It was awesome! What an uplifting talk! So many positive comments!
Bill Prebel
Past-President, First Friday Club of Cleveland
“Tells his story in a way that is funny and powerful.”
Our feedback from the mothers who attended was the most enthusiastic ever. Trapper really connected with the crowd—his message, as well as his own life story, is so inspiring, and he tells it in such a way that it is funny and powerful. Many moms told me later that it was the best Bloom Brunch ever.
Elizabeth Simpson
Mothers' Club President, St. Edward High School
“Very moving and informative.”
His gifts in drawing me into his stories and keeping me engaged were amazing. Trapper reminded me of the importance of stories in our faith journey by retelling stories such as Fatima which drew me in more deeply than ever before. I left the retreat re-imagining the stories with new eyes of faith.
Dr. Andy Kereky
Director of Spiritual Development, St. Raphael, Bay Village
“The minute-long standing ovation says it all.”
Trapper Jack’s talk was wildly successful. His message will heat–up even the lukewarm! We look forward to his next visit to St. Mark Catholic Church.
Deacon Dave Lundeen
St. Mark Catholic Church, Cleveland
“Full of truthful information!”
Trapper’s presentation was clear, very well presented, interesting, and full of truthful information. He did a great job!
Fr. Dennis Kristancic
Holy Family Parish, Parma, OH
“Great feedback.”
We have received great feedback on Trapper’s presentation. Thank you for taking the time to share your message with our community.
Mary Sawyer
First Friday Club of Cleveland
“I hope you have as much effect on others as you had on us.”
Carl Feldkircher
Men's Retreat, St. Raphael Church, Bay Village, OH