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Trapper Jack

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Trapper Jack is a legally blind, 30+ year broadcaster. He walked away from God for nearly thirty years. Trapper left what he felt was a boring and disconnected God. What brought him back to God, has also brought millions of others around the world. It is the key to both keeping people in the pews and bringing back the fallen away.

Embracing the miraculous.

Twice, his vision has been completely restored. Both times were for about a minute. This was God’s way of awakening Trapper to His presence. The miraculous wakes us up. It turns us towards God. The miraculous invites us into a real relationship with God.

God has always spoken to us through the supernatural. This is His language. The burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven, Eucharistic miracles, miraculous healings, Fatima, the image of our Lady of Guadalupe, etc., are all examples of how God speaks to us. These are the real stories of a dazzling awesome God!

Every day, heaven and earth are colliding in the most amazing ways! These are the things that Trapper speaks about. Whether it’s global events or individual moments, this is the way God is telling us that He is still right here, right now.

This is the God most people seem to be unaware of. Think God is boring? So did Trapper. But, listen to Trapper now. Minute-long standing ovations are not uncommon. The most often asked question of Trapper after a talk … “Why don’t we know these things?”

Trapper and his wife, Elizabeth, reside in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They have two adult children and are heavily involved in their church.


Legally Blind

Legally blind from a degenerative retinal disease, Trapper thanks God for the blessing of blindness. He often gives talks about how his blindness led him back to his Catholic faith, after being away for 15 years.


Trapper has been inducted into the Ohio Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Cleveland Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and was named the National Radio Personality of the Year by a major trade publication.


He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two adult children and have served on the Liturgical Commission of their parish, St. Bernadette Church, Westlake, Ohio. They’ve been instrumental in bringing the miraculous water of Lourdes into the church and extending the hours of Eucharistic Adoration. Trapper is also an officer in the Knights of Columbus.

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