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All the good names were taken. Actually, when I arrived in Pittsburgh in the 80’s for a new job, I was informed that I needed something to make my name more memorable in a very competitive market. So, the staff voted. Other options on which they voted? Cracker Jack. Diamond Jack. Slim Jack. Panama Jack. Captain Jack. With the MASH television series influence, Trapper Jack was the winner.

I sat too close to the television. Kidding!

Retinitis Pigmentosa, it’s a degenerative retinal disease. Two of my sisters also have it, that makes three of us out of seven kids.
I consider it a blessing. It led me back to my faith!

No. The miraculous happens everywhere and within all denominations. Most of my guests on the Touched by Heaven podcast have been non-Catholics who have shared their experience of encounter . Every talk is custom tailored for that particular audience.

At a Catholic venue I might talk about Eucharistic miracles, Fatima, Marian apparitions, miracles of the Holy Rosary, the science within the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the miracles surrounding the saints.

At other venues, I might include angels, miraculous healings, the consistent theme of near-death experiences, God-incidents, divine intervention, etc.

God is limitless in his every day collisions of heaven and earth. What is important, is embracing His voice. He speaks to us in the miraculous.

What? The name Trapper isn’t different enough?

You will laugh. You will think. You will wonder why you have not heard this content before.

I consider all locations.

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